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The soul of your day held in cinematic photographs


Candidly documenting rich, raw, deep-soul love as memories you can feel.


That’s why in the planning of these events, you deeply consider what’s most important to you. When it comes to choosing your photographer, you want to cultivate a relationship built on trust, connection, and collaboration.

I promise to be present and involved yet never in the way. Someone who’s familiar enough to make you feel completely comfortable yet trustworthy enough to know that you've hired an expert. Someone who is wholly immersing themselves in your world, finding the beauty and emotion in every moment, capturing the day not just as it looked, but as it felt.


This is how I show up for you and your partner, and this is the foundation of the art I will create for you. Through a removed and candid artistic approach, I am able to document the day as it truly was and as it truly felt. Your wedding album won’t just reflect timestamps from a timeline or forced poses throughout the day, but rather your memories brought to life through art. I will step in and support you when absolutely necessary, otherwise, I aim to just blend in with your loved ones and allow the magic to unfold around me.

Weddings are one of the most meaningful experiences we humans can have.


All of your people, in one place, celebrating your love story, is a feeling that is as rare and beautiful as feelings come.

A feeling that your photos should bring you back to you, even 40, 50, 60 years from now.







Through getting to know you two, your wedding dreams, and the logistical details in advance, I am able to create art without having to interrupt the natural flow of the day. This allows you to move through your wedding immersed in the present moment, soaking in the love surrounding you. This is what differentiates wedding art from standard wedding photography and is how I am able to capture the heart and soul of it all.



When it comes to my artistic style, first and foremost, each wedding and couple's shoot I do is rooted in knowing my couples and honestly showcasing who they are. I am an artistic documentarian and I want to create something that will bring you and your loved ones back in time, to a place of love, nostalgia, and beauty.  My artistic inspiration is a blend of my love for renaissance oil paintings,1950's fashion photography, and classical portraiture.  I believe a wedding isn't just one thing; it's living, breathing, and multidimensional. Some moments are better told with movement and grit, others are better expressed through dreamy light and classic composition. My goal is to tell a beautiful yet true story, to make my couples and their families see themselves and smile, knowing that their soul came alive through art.  



from couples who’ll forever have a piece of my heart.



"Words can’t describe the kind of feeling you get when you see yourself in Kasey’s work for the first time!"

Words can’t describe the kind of feeling you get when you see yourself in Kasey’s work for the first time! Her photography transported us back to the happiest and most magical day of our lives. The sneak peak we viewed and shared with our families had us laughing and crying together, even days after our wedding.
My Husband and I stumbled on Kasey Powell Weddings when researching photographers for our wedding in the Outer Banks. Upon searching for a photographer, we saw many traditional photographers with lots of posing. As soon as we saw Kasey’s candid style and pure talent, we knew we wanted her to be the one to capture our special day. From start to finish, Kasey answered all of our questions and helped us with things we would have never thought to ask. Her experience and knowledge is absolutely priceless and she eased any nerves we had. She is extremely organized and knows exactly how to navigate making your dream come to life! (Even down to what may seem like small details such as playing your favorite music, dancing around in the sand during candids with your new Husband🤍) Kasey far exceeded any expectation we had for our wedding day! They both arrived with the most positive and fun energy which is so contagious! My family is not the biggest “picture people” and they RAVED about her and her Husband, Callum. There were times during the ceremony, my family didn’t even realize they were there because of how amazing their special awareness is. This may not seem like a big deal but is something I can imagine has taken them a long time to master! They kept us on time without making anyone feel rushed. My Husband and I felt so comfortable and truly loved by Kasey and Callum! 🤍 In summary, the art they create is an investment you won’t regret! If you are looking for a sign to book with Kasey Powell Weddings, this is it! You will be so happy you did!



"I knew I wanted to hire her when I stumbled across her Instagram, but I had no idea my expectations would be blown away."

I am having a hard time putting into words what Kasey meant to us on our wedding day. Just book her. Kasey was not just our photographer on our wedding day and leading up - she was our trusted friend, confidante, sometimes therapist, assistant, and more all wrapped into one. Not to mention her talent and artistry is literally unmatched. I was crying looking through our album and watching our video. The art she made for us to encapsulate the most important & beautiful day of our lives is truly the greatest gift and the best investment we could have made, by far. It gave us the precious gift of being able to go back and relive our wedding day and the emotions of it over and over again for our whole lives. The coolest part was seeing our love and the emotion of the day from a 3rd party point of view, in Kasey’s one of a kind, magical, ethereal, emotional, artistic style. Looking through her album felt like watching our love through the eyes of our closest loved ones. It was very emotional to see how our dearest friends and family experienced our day. It is true what they say that the day goes by in a blur and you’re just trying to soak it all in and be present, which is why Kasey’s photos are the greatest gift because we can truly relive it time and time again. Her work was beyond our wildest dreams and she perfectly captured our fairytale fall day. We will cherish the photos and video for our whole lives and pass it down to future kids and grandkids. She truly listens to what you want the essence of your day to be (for us it was connected with nature and the emotion and connection of us and our loved ones) and makes sure to capture exactly that. She even scouted out our first look spot in a patch of wild mushrooms under a canopy of fairytale trees. I trusted her completely and didn’t have to think twice or worry about anything that day. She even asked us some thought provoking questions and played a song that meant a lot to us as a couple to help us really connect on camera. She knew I loved renaissance art and crystals (I never asked her to incorporate these) but she brought pages of a renaissance art book and asked if I had any crystals I could put in my details shot. Everything she does is above and beyond and done with so much care, love, and intention. She was so invested in making our day perfectly beautiful and authentic to us. I could go on forever about all the things we loved about her - don’t think twice, just book her! We love you Kasey and


"If you want to be present and enjoy your day and have the most beautiful, personalized photos to show for it, Kasey is your girl."


Kasey's passion and talent for what she does is evident from the very first moment you talk with her. She genuinely wants to get to know you and tailor your photos to who you and your partner are, your love story, your families, whatever is important to you, she will get to the root of it (even if you're not 100% what it is, she figures it out) and then capture it for you. She is an artist and one of the many reasons I chose her was her ability to make your wedding look like timeless art that I know we will hang in our home forever (Because of this talent, I think it sometimes gets over-looked and I want to acknowledge that she is also incredible at capturing your standard smile at the camera family wedding shots as well).
My mom was blown away by her ability to wrangle our friends in family so easily and she said to me the day after our wedding that when Kasey said to "stand next to whomever or wherever feels most comfortable", she was blown away. Kasey makes you so comfortable to just be in the moment and enjoy your day without feeling like your whole day was posing for photos, but at the same time, captures your day in a way that brings back the emotion of the day every time you look at the photos. She is willing to go out of her comfort zone if it means capturing you and your partner's essence. I told Kasey I wanted to do editorial style getting ready photos and I didn't really go into much more detail. I meant to send her some inspo photos, but I honestly got overwhelmed and forgot. I brought a few props, she showed up with an entire backdrop set up and when I was finished my make-up I turned around to see a whole photo shoot set that was so "me", I couldn't believe it. Some of that was planned, but so much of Kasey's talent is her spontaneous creativity in the moment, which is so invaluable on a day where even the best laid plans need to change. Not to mention having her (and Callum) around the whole day is just the best addition to you and your family. If you want to be present and enjoy your day and have the most beautiful, personalized photos to show for it, Kasey is your girl.

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