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-for artistic and business growth-


Growth and knowledge;
the two things I'm always chasing.

If you’re like me, you love photography for many reasons. Aside from the amazing couples we get to serve, the beautiful places we get to shoot, and the freedom this job can give us, crafting and building a business for yourself, chasing your own dreams, is just as incredible as the art we create.


No matter how much we grow, we should always be chasing knowledge, because without knowledge, we cannot grow. For the last 7 years, I held this belief close as I grew as an artist and a business owner. I wholeheartedly believe that you can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal if you believe in yourself and never stop learning.



If you are asking yourself some of these questions, a mentorship is a great next step:

-How do I create my dream portfolio?

-How do I make my photos look the way I want them to look/how I see them in my mind?

-How do I become a full-time photographer?

-How do I create a thriving photography business?


I have shot hundreds of weddings, countless engagements, editorials, commercial work, family, and maternity shoots. I have also built two successful businesses from the ground up that have allowed me to live the life I love of making art and traveling full time. Through my own journey of bringing my dreams to life, I have learned SO many lessons in the worlds of both photography and business. Growing doesn’t have to be hard and success does not require reinventing the wheel.


Virtual Mentorship Session

1.5 hours ;  $500

This Zoom Mentor Session can cover anything you’d like. During our call, we can dig deeper into your business and goals, while I share my insights and support along the way.


This session is best if you want to talk about a few specific aspects of your business, that way you can get the most out of our time together by digging into what is most important to you. You can also use this time to ask me any questions about me, my business, or my artistic process!

In-Person Mentorship Session

3 hours ;  $1400

This option is best for Outer Banks and coastal VA locals! For this session, we can meet at a coffee shop and cover just about anything you want to regarding your photography and business goals.


This is a time for you to invest in yourself and allow me to see you and your vision fully. After defining your goals, I help you dig in and create a real & reliable plan for bringing those goals to life! This is also your chance to ask me any questions or anything you’d like to know about me or my work.

+ Live Styled Shoot

6 hours ;  $2,800

Get all the insight and support you receive from the in-person meeting plus a styled shoot of your choosing (wedding, couple, family, maternity). Afterwards we can have some tea, go over your photos, post-production, and what you should do after you’ve made your artwork.


For our one-on-one, similar to the in-person meeting, we can talk about anything you’d like, including, but not limited to, artistic inspiration, creating emotional/natural images, client interactions, business back-end development, technical skills. This is the time for us to dig into your goals and for you to pick my brain about all things photography and business.


For our styled shoot, I will cover what goes into the planning and set-up, as well as show you how I shoot and interact with my subjects. You will then make your own art, trying to step outside of your own comfort zone and into a new creative space, the place where all of our artistic growth comes from. I will happily guide you here or allow you to explore this on your own.


After our shoot, we will sit down with some tea,  go over your images, do a few edits, and talk about what you are doing once the art has been made! Making good art won’t do anything for you if it just sits on your hard drive. :)



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