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Months and months of dreaming and planning, incredible vendor partnerships, and some insanely good luck with weather, Clever Girl Florals and I were able to pull off this massive creative project, a wedding daydream set in the middle of the island's most secluded sunset beach. Round trip, the hike to our shoot location was 30 minutes (Allison and her floral team had to do this 9 times in total in order to get all of the buckets of fresh flowers in!) This is one of my most favorite locations on the Outer Banks, not just because of it's insane beauty but, for it being off the map and mostly unknown.

Yellow was the underlying theme, with a very slight nod to the inspiring works of Vincent van Gogh. We wanted an understated, rough luxe, rooted in the elements of nature. I had been dying to have a reception themed table in the water for quite some time and luckily Allison had been dreaming up a water arbor and floral installation as well. We put our creative minds together and created Gele Bloem; yellow flower in Dutch, the origins and language of Van Gogh himself.

Pushing ourselves creatively, with no expectations or people to please, allows for the magic of art to come alive. One of my lessons from this shoot for my couples: Trust your artists. Allow their minds to run free. Remove pressure and expectations. Lean on us and let us help shape something extraordinary with you. 

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible!!! Who donated their time and resources. Who faced the hike in, the July heat, snakes, and night spiders. Who helped bring a dream into reality, just because! I love and appreciate you all so. 


CREATIVE DIRECTORS | Kasey Powell Weddings | MODEL | Georgia


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