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While the bride and the groom do get a lot of attention on the wedding day, their loved ones, their most special people (yes, that's you!), are just as important when it comes to documenting their love story. I've made this blog post for my couple’s to send to their closest family and friends so that you know what to expect from me on the wedding day as well providing some tips and suggestions on how we will create some incredible wedding photos together!




  1. Check your wrists for hairbands and smart watches!  I am really good at noticing this but if you can, try to keep your hairbands in a purse or stashed away in someones pocket. I also typically ask everyone to remove apple watches, even if you have an Apple or smart Watch tan, a tan is much better than a big black screen on your arm, I promise!

  2.  Sunglasses. I know sometimes we need these so you aren't squinting or maybe because have sensitive eyes but, if whenever you don’t absolutely need them, I always request to keep them off so we can capture your expressions and faces! Especially if you were sent this website, I promise my couple is SO looking forward to seeing photos of you laughing, crying, or smiling not just to see after the wedding, but to cherish for years and years to come. 

  3.  Clutter management. This is applicable if you’re involved in the getting ready part of the day but, I recommend keeping the spaces clean and clutter free, almost looking like how it was when you first checked-in! So whenever we (the photographers) arrive, if you could quickly throw away any trash you have out and put away any bags or items that aren’t absolutely needed into a spare room or closet, it really will make such a huge difference. This way, once in a life time photos don't accidentally feature a Doritos bag, plastic bottles of water, or piles of clothes.

bourdon-646 (1).jpg

I am a big fan of cell phone footage and I know in this day and age, having cell phones out and about is inevitable. So, a big ask I have is to just be mindful of when you are using yours. If you are part of a special moment or could be witnessing a special moment and we (the photographers) are around, I really suggest either keeping your phone put away or giving it to someone else to operate for you. I’ve just seen so many opportunities for incredible, once-in-a-lifetime images be ruined because of a cell phone.

 When you are busy looking through a screen, your ability to be fully present and experiencing this once in a life time moment is diminished. And it’s in those special moments of connection and emotion where the magic lies for me as your artist. So, if you are close enough to the couple to be receiving this blog, but cell phone photo/video footage is also really important to you, maybe consider assigning a cousin or friend or even one of the younger kids to capture certain things for you. While our photos highlight the couple on their wedding day, half of the photos are also of you, their loved ones, and most of the time you don’t even know we are taking them! At the very least, please try to keep your phones down for the ceremony, dances, and toasts, I promise that the couple will deeply cherish those moments of you, fully present and witnessing their love story. 

Cell Phones


Seeing tears and laughs from their loved ones during their ceremony will be memories the couple treasure forever.


Imagine if their bridal party had their phones up here, this incredible and emotional moment would never have come to be! 



 My style of photography is very candid and heavily focused on real emotion. I don’t really do any traditional posing (unless requested) and my ultimate goal is to just blend in with the guests on the wedding day! Blending in is how my team and I are able to get such real and emotional images, which is probably one of the big reasons I was hired as the couple's wedding artist. My team and I aim to be as hand-off as possible until absolutely necessary. Depending on the couple's shot list and timeline, I may guide and prompt candid moments as needed! So, there is some light structure (I’m not a complete fly on the wall lol) but, if you are used to a more traditional wedding photographer, my style will probably feel super laid back to you. Please don’t let this worry you, I promise that you can trust me in fully capturing all the magic.


With that being said, I am here to serve my couples and their loved ones. If there are any ideas you have throughout the day, whether that be a silly posed shot or maybe you see something is happening that is really special to your family or the couple, please tell me or any of my partners. These are your people and you know them and their relationships better than we do, so feel free to grab us or yell to us across the dance floor if there is something worth capturing! I promise, you are not being annoying or crossing a line, we want to get every incredible shot we possibly can just as much as you want us to. 


If you want a formal photo or a specific posed shot, don't hesitate to ask me or my team on the wedding day! 

And finally, please never feel like you are in the way or that you need to move out of the way. If I’m behind or beside you, it’s probably because it’s a really beautiful photo! If I really need someone to move out of the way, I promise I will politely let the correct person know. Often times, people avoid being on camera or jump out of the way if they see me but please, don't feel the need to do this! My couples hire me because my work is focused on emotion and connection and love, not just between the two of them but between you, their loved ones. This is one of the greatest days of their lives because you are there, because you have been a part of their journey as well. So please, know that you are never in the way. The more genuine love, support, and connection that is being shared between you and your people, the more beautiful photos I will be able to create. 


Okay, that’s it! I really appreciate you taking the time to read through this, I cannot wait to meet you and celebrate one of the best days ever. 


See you soon!


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