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Pink Sky Wedding on the Outer Banks

Madeline & Matt

These two brought 30 of their closest family and friends to a gorgeous, newly built Outer Banks home in Corolla and had the intimate wedding of their dreams. Madeline's love for pink started long before 2023 Barbie stole our hearts, so naturally, it was the other start of the show. From color coordinating guest outfits, to the Outer Banks sunset gods giving their blessing with a little pink of their own, this evening was everything they wanted and more. 

Madeline's brothers played Taylor Swift's Lover on guitar and ukulele as the sun began it's final descent past the sand dunes and marking the beginning of the ceremony. While there were vows and rings exchanged, the most special and sacred moment to M & M was the tequila toast shared with their most favorite people to mark the start of their new journey in life together! It was really freaking cute. 

Everything was DIY, exectued and designed by Madeline herself who is also finsihing grad school. To say she killed it, would be an understatement. 




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