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Dreamy Wedding Photoshoot in the ruins of Antigua, Guatemala

Updated: May 2, 2022

Antigua, Guatemala | July 2021

From the cobbled streets, to the endless volcanoes off in the distance, Antigua Guatemala seems to be picked straight out of fairytale. Every turn you take is as equally breathtaking as the one before, making this small, Central-American town the epitome of a picture-perfect destination wedding location.

I had been collecting vintage weddings dresses for the past year and had been dreaming up some way I could use them all. When a last-minute summer trip to Guatemala was set in stone, this creative vision started coming to life in my mind. After some Googling, and seeing the incredibly gorgeous ruins of Antigua and their surroundings online, I knew this had to be the location.

The magic really started to happen when I reached out and connected with Carolina Mendez of Carolina Mendez Events, a destination wedding planner in Guatemala City. Her work was beautiful and lucky enough for me, she was free to collaborate and bring this vision to life! The United States summer is Guatemala's slow season for destinations weddings, which happened to be the time this was done. A huge shout out goes to Carolina because none of this could have been possible without her. She knows the area so well, the ins and outs, the most talented vendors, how and when to work with the local government to access the ruins for photography, and every other little detail someone like me would be absolutely clueless to. If you are to ever get married in Antigua, Carolina will make your life SO easy.

The day started at 6:30am, at my small but beautiful airbnb owned by a local family. The garden took my breath away so I decided last minute to start our day there. My fingers were crossed for some beautiful sunshine in the middle of rainy season and that is exactly what we got! We started at ruins of La Ermita de la Santa Cruz, then moved to Santa Clara, and finally Las Capuchinas. From there, we took to the cobbled streets and finished this dream shoot by running around and capturing incredible, natural beauty of this magnificent old town.


Photography | Kasey Powell Weddings

Coordination | Carolina Mendez Events

Hair & Makeup | Estudio T Makeup

Floral Installation | Fabiana Gonzalez Eventos


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