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A Wonder of the World 

Petra, Jordan

While most wonders of the world are packed with people, and Petra is no different, if you make the 1 hour hike into the valley in the dark, before sunrise, you will experience one of the most incredible pieces of human history in complete silence, almost completely to yourself.

We packed our wedding dress, tux, and wedding gear in our backpacks, and started our trek into the darkness. This first photo is the very first thing you see of the lost city of Petra as you emerge from the canyon. Just a perfect little crack in the rock as the canyon ends and the ancient valley begins. It took us 3 days to fully see the whole area, and one full day shooting. We were exhausted by the end of it all but it is hands down one the most incredible things we've ever seen. 

The entire country of Jordan is filled with delicious food, great roads for road tripping, and the most kind people you will ever meet in your life. We spent 2.5 weeks in Jordan total, driving around in a rental car until we saw all we could see before needing to leave for our next desitnation!




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