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The soul of your day held in cinematic photographs


You want a wildly expressive, all-encompassing documentation of your day; one that captures the feelings that are hard to even put into words.


That’s why in the planning of these events, you deeply consider what’s most important to you. When it comes to choosing your photographer, you want to cultivate a relationship built on trust, connection, and collaboration.

I promise to be present and involved yet never in the way. Someone who’s familiar enough to make you feel completely comfortable yet trustworthy enough to know that you've hired an expert. Someone who is wholly immersing themselves in your world, finding the beauty and emotion in every moment, capturing the day not just as it looked, but as it felt.


This is how I show up for you and your partner, and this is the foundation of the art I will create for you. Through a removed and candid artistic approach, I am able to document the day as it truly was and as it truly felt. Your wedding album won’t just reflect timestamps from a timeline or forced poses throughout the day, but rather your memories brought to life through art. I will step in and support you when absolutely necessary, otherwise, I aim to just blend in with your loved ones and allow the magic to unfold around me.

Weddings are one of the most meaningful experiences we humans can have.


All of your people, in one place, celebrating your love story, is a feeling that is as rare and beautiful as feelings come.

A feeling that your photos should bring you back to you, even 40, 50, 60 years from now.







Through getting to know you two, your wedding dreams, and the logistical details in advance, I am able to create art without having to interrupt the natural flow of the day. This allows you to move through your wedding immersed in the present moment, soaking in the love surrounding you. This is what differentiates wedding art from standard wedding photography and is how I am able to capture the heart and soul of it all.



When it comes to my artistic style, first and foremost, each wedding and couple's shoot I do is rooted in knowing my couples and honestly showcasing who they are. I am an artistic documentarian and I want to create something that will bring you and your loved ones back in time, to a place of love, nostalgia, and beauty.  My artistic inspiration is a blend of my love for renaissance oil paintings,1950's fashion photography, and classical portraiture.  I believe a wedding isn't just one thing; it's living, breathing, and multidimensional. Some moments are better told with movement and grit, others are better expressed through dreamy light and classic composure. My goal is to tell a beautiful yet true story, to make my couples and their families see themselves and smile, knowing that their soul came alive through art.  


Wedding Coverage starts at $5,500

Elopements start at $2,000

Engagements/Couples Shoots: $1,200


from couples who’ll forever have a piece of my heart.



“She captured shots that we loved but didn't even know we needed or wanted.”

I genuinely do not even know how to put into words what Kasey did for us on our wedding day. She was with me every step of the day and truly looked out for me like a friend rather than just a vendor. She captured shots that we loved but didn't even know we needed or wanted. She truly produces outstanding photos and her artistic mindset is astounding. I would hire Kasey again over and over. I received my wedding sneak peeks and sobbed at how beautiful the portraits were, but Kasey also has a way of truly capturing the emotion of every moment. We love her and would recommend her to anyone



"I knew I wanted to hire her when I stumbled across her Instagram, but I had no idea my expectations would be blown away."

I am so thankful for the experience of having Kasey as our wedding photographer. Her photos speak for themselves, and I knew I wanted to hire her when I stumbled across her Instagram, but I had no idea my expectations would be blown away. She was so kind and easy to work with during the planning process, and her advice and insight were invaluable. She was so organized and took notes on everything I wanted, and her ability to see the vibe and aesthetic that I was going for, and then adapt and capture it, is a skill that I haven't seen from other photographers. She captured the very best of all of our guests, and I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life. Kasey has the warmest, most well-rounded personality and felt like an old friend at my wedding, and that is part of her gift.



“We knew she was good, we knew we loved her as a person, but the art she created was just incredible.”

There aren’t enough words to accurately describe what an amazing experience we had with Kasey. She fit in so naturally and was able to capture candid shots we will treasure forever. Kasey’s vibe just naturally put us at ease. Nothing felt staged, nothing felt awkward, we were able to just have fun and Kasey did her thing. When we got sneak peeks back the next day, we were blown away. We knew she was good, we knew we loved her as a person, but the art she created was just incredible. Our family and friends that attended the wedding from all over the country cannot stop talking about the fact that she is the best photographer they have ever seen.

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